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Repeat Matched Betting

After you have extracted all free bets and bonuses from our free bet list, there are few matched betting opportunities left for you. Of course, some bookies occasionally offer you other bonuses and new bookies are regularly added to our Bonus List, but there aren’t as many of them as you may wish.

On the other hand, you have acquired invaluable matched betting skills and experience that should be used to make more money. The only problem is that there are very few free bets and bonuses left for you.

But there is a solution!

Recommend matched betting to your spouse, siblings, parents, children, or any other relatives, assist them and you will be able to use your skills to improve your family’s finances. I’m sure your relatives will be glad to get additional income from matched betting; however, they may also find it confusing, so your job is to help them out in the beginning.

Explain the most important concepts and help to place the first bets. They will appreciate it. Similarly, you can assist your friends or colleagues by sharing the priceless knowledge you now have.

Disclaimer: We neither encourage nor support opening bookmaker accounts using identities other than yours.

However, to prevent bonus abuse some bookies may refuse to give bonuses to people who use the same computer, internet access, home address, email address, or phone number.

This guide will introduce you to the precautionary steps you should take before your family members or other people you live together with (or share an internet connection or a computer) start matched betting.

IP Address
Probably the most widely used way of identifying people online is the IP address. Without going too much into technical details, an IP address is a numerical label of a device connected to the Internet. If two computers share the same Internet connection, they share the same IP address.

Do not open multiple accounts with the same bookmaker using the same IP address.

There are several ways of getting a different IP address:

Using another internet connection at your office or friend’s house. It’s very convenient if a friend of yours who doesn’t use bookies has a Wi-Fi network that you can access with your laptop.
Using a public Wi-Fi network or a public computer. I wouldn’t recommend this due to safety reasons.
Getting another Internet connection. In most cases, it’s easy and inexpensive to simply change your Internet service provider (ISP). The IP address will automatically change.
Changing a dynamic IP address. Some ISPs have dynamic IP addresses that can be easily changed. Contact your ISP to find out if your IP address is dynamic. If possible, choose an ISP with dynamic IP addresses for matched betting.
A very useful resource on changing a dynamic IP can be found here. There are plenty of other good articles that can be found in Google (search for change a dynamic IP).

Don’t Use Proxy
Don’t use proxy servers for hiding your IP. Proxy servers dramatically decrease the speed of your connection, which is crucial for matched betting. Moreover, anonymous proxy servers are often unsafe; online payments should never be processed through them. If you’ve never heard of a proxy, don’t worry as you shouldn’t use it anyway.

MAC Address
MAC address is a numerical value attached to a network adapter that is used for identifying it. Some bookmakers may use MAC for identifying their users and preventing bonus abuse, yet the majority of bookmakers don’t do that.

However, it is safer to change the MAC address if the same computer is again used or matched betting. There are multiple ways of changing the MAC address, but using this free software is probably the easiest option.

If your IP is dynamic, changing the MAC address will also result in getting a new IP. Getting a new computer is also an option.

If the same computer is used for matched betting more than once, it’s also important to delete cookies (small files on your computer that store information related to the websites you’ve used before).

To delete cookies, you must go to Tools–>Internet Options (this varies depending on your web browser. Alternatively, you can just use another web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Home Address
If possible, the same home address should not be used for multiple accounts of the same bookie. Some bookies may refuse to give free bets and bonuses to persons living in the same household. Instead try using an alternate address (your job’s or your friend’s address, for example).

Just remember that some bookies may request proof of the address.

Phone Number
A phone number should never be used with the same bookie more than once. This can be solved very easily by buying a prepaid SIM card. Remember that some bookies like to call their customers.

Other Details
When you assist your friends or relatives with matched betting, be careful not to use the same or very similar email, user name, or password as you’ve already used.

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