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Before You Start

You must be at least 18 years old to open accounts with online bookmakers.
Online gambling must be legal in your jurisdiction.
Invest in a stable and fast Internet connection. A slow, unreliable connection may cost you more.
You have to be able to spend some time for matched betting. A couple of hours a week is enough, but money can be made faster by working more.
You have to have an Internet banking account. Managing funds without one would be extremely inconvenient. Preferably your bank account should also support storing and using GBP to prevent your money from being double-converted.
You have to possess a credit card (preferably Visa or MasterCard) that can be used for online transactions. Order it in your bank if you don’t have one.
Open a new email account with one of the leading email services (Gmail, for example). You will need it when you sign up with bookies.
Create a spreadsheet in which you store information about the bookies you’ve registered with (usernames, passwords) and the free bets you’ve extracted. It won’t be possible to remember all these details.
You need about £50 to start matched betting since the smallest free bets are £10. However, it’s advantageous to start with a little more; if you start with the minimum, you’ll often have to spend several days idle just because all your money is on the way.

Bookies may want to verify your identity by requesting copies of some of these documents: passport or driver’s license, your credit card contract, a document verifying your address (utility bills are also accepted), and both sides of your credit card (cover the first twelve digits and CCV for safety).

Have these documents scanned or photographed and be prepared that you may need to email them to bookies.

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